Painting (24) Morning In the Forest

For my drawing challenge this week, I’m supposed to draw trees. This is what you would call putting the cart before the horse. Most painters sketch out an idea and then use it as a guide to paint. I did it the other way around: so here is my painting and tomorrow I will show you the drawing it inspired!

I is for Indispensable #atozchallenge

At times he was indefensible
At times, their love wasn’t sensible
Yet it grew over time
Became something sublime
To each other indispensable

Guest limericist – Fictional Kevin

Yeah, so I was drawing a blank on “I” so I asked the other half of my brain, Kevin for a suggestion… Pretty awesome, huh? He writes a lot about his relationship with Waco, go check out his post: Indispensable about his lady love.

I think these guys provide a good soundtrack! Florida Georgia Line! (Plus they’re super hot! And this post has to have something for me!)

Fabric Art Fabulous! Guest Post

In the upcoming weeks, I will be featuring some guest posts and/or interviews.  This week, I am very pleased to introduce you all to my friend Nichole who blogs at wildboho.  She is a super talented fabric artist and I am dying for you to see her stuff and hear about her art.  Without further ado, here is Nichole…

I’m pretty sure you could title this “Tales from an Accidental Artist,” because that’s exactly what I am! I currently run Wildboho on Instagram, which is a collection of my hoop art and stitching capades. I did not intend to do this with my time, and in fact, I did not take to sewing easily in life. Sewing was something that my mom did fabulously and I, unfortunately, did not. I grew up dabbling in any form of craftiness that didn’t involve a sewing machine. Although she could not pass her sewing skills onto me early in life, she did pass on a love of fabric. I loved fabric but just didn’t know what to do with it. Several years ago, I started experimenting with fabric layering and embroidery and I was instantly hooked.

What I created and put in hoops, at first, was met with “what are you supposed to do with the hoops?” I began posting pictures of walls filled with a mix of art and hoop art and it began to catch on. 

Other artists were also experimenting with this form of art and soon “hoop art” was a standard form of art and I am rarely asked anymore what someone is supposed to do with their hoop. It’s very exciting to be able to create individual and unique pieces of art that have travelled further internationally than I have ever travelled…I like to think that there are little bits of me in places like Australia, Spain and the UK! Follow along with me on Instagram for lots of behind-the-scenes shots of my embroidery art!