A-Z blogging challenge

I am participating in the April A to Z challenge. Each day in April, with the exception of Sunday, the post will sequentially follow the letters of the alphabet.  Today is the day to reveal our theme for the month. Mine is Limerick Lunacy!

I am going to challenge myself to compose a limerick each day.  If I succeed, I should have enough for a book! Ha! I hope you don’t get sick of them.  I will try to vary the subject matter from serious to silly and everything in between.  And when I’m done, I’ll never write another limerick again! (Maybe)

45 thoughts on “A-Z blogging challenge

  1. Sounds like fun! I can’t wait to read them! I was thinking about doing this challenge but I couldn’t decide if I’d have my crap together enough to do it! 😀 I have 7.5 hours to sign up if I change my mind! Pressure! Hahaha

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      1. It seems to me that I should … I just read all over the place. Hell, even excessive “adult” language fucking counts. 😀 hahaha! I signed up that way… and hey, I don’t show up on the list… was that supposed to happen instantly? I’m assuming no! Sorry to muck up your post with my questions!

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      2. No it’s ok! I always thought adult content blogs were blocked from the general “discover” section and you had to go looking for them. You and I connected through blogging 201? I think? I never saw anything about your content being adult, actually. So I wonder if you’re listed that way…

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      3. I am not listed that way — and I never want to be! No one will ever find me again! As far as I know, that sort of adult blog that’s blocked is far more adult than me… pretty much all posts are adult, the whole theme of the blog is adult. But the rules on the challenge are far stricter — they say that more than occasional profanity or pretty much any detailed sexual content means the blog should be marked AC because they get kids doing the challenge. So I’m not categorized as such, but the challenge wants me to indicate if I am ever inappropriate for readers under 18.

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      4. Oh duh, my bad. I got it now… I guess if you let fly with the F bombs!!!! Lol!!! You should mark it AC! I’m glad you mentioned it, I guess I never read the whole list of rules! 😂

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      5. Hahaha… I had to kind of search for the rules… they were on a different page than where I started. My language is terrible. I’m probably even worse offline! I have had to tell my children to ignore my bad words/do not repeat because I failed at stopping when I had kids. There are a lot of dumbasses out there! How can I keep it clean?? 😀

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