A is for Avarice #atozchallenge

His desires amounted to avarice
His methods grew ever more devious
The inordinate greed
An insatiable need
All others would fall to his malice

It’s limerick lunacy all April long. Some (most) will be silly, others more serious. I started with this because…. Well who does it remind you of? That’s all I’m saying!

A-Z blogging challenge

I am participating in the April A to Z challenge. Each day in April, with the exception of Sunday, the post will sequentially follow the letters of the alphabet.  Today is the day to reveal our theme for the month. Mine is Limerick Lunacy!

I am going to challenge myself to compose a limerick each day.  If I succeed, I should have enough for a book! Ha! I hope you don’t get sick of them.  I will try to vary the subject matter from serious to silly and everything in between.  And when I’m done, I’ll never write another limerick again! (Maybe)