Whisper – a limerick

When a romance writer shifts her focus, matches wits with another, a different muse gains a voice…

It was random that she picked him
Her whispery voice had tricked him
In the dead of night
Beneath pale moonlight
The murderess claimed her victim

The little voice in his head
Had whispered words of dread
But he chose to ignore
And succumb to her allure
Thus to his death would tread

And when the deed was finished
Her hunger now replenished
The shallow grave would conceal
Her perfect male ideal
Till restraint eventually diminished

And then she’d hunt again
To find another man
Who’d fill her need
Abate her greed
For perfection to attain

In response to Mind and Life Matters limerick challenge

45 thoughts on “Whisper – a limerick

  1. As much as it’s not cool to be a serial killer the idea that a woman would find a dead guy to be the perfect guy (because he’s dead) is rather hilarious. So I think maybe your new genre should be mur-com (as opposed to rom-com)? Awesome limerick! You should publish a book o’limericks! xo Whitney

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  2. Ooohhhh a woman serial killer….uh oh why is that making me happy….nope serial killers are baaddd….but this limerick is awesome! 😀
    P.s: I like the shift in genres. Moving to full on thriller mode from romance?

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      1. Maybe writing 2 stories at once… flipping back and forth working on them… one not dark at all… Sometimes I do this when something is getting to me… I work on something else that’s the opposite.

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  3. How did I miss this?! I’m liking this, girl! Sounds a bit like my weekend, but minus the murderess part. I lured him in another way! 😉 haha! Thank you, Fictional Kevin! Great job, Meg! You have something really good here 😀


      1. No! No! Every now and then a post like this one is great! I am sure it is a bit more challenging than what you are used to – I know it is…but that is what makes it a wonderful read! Just like a band – if they always do just rock, that’s great, but when they try something more mellow and sentimental- it’s like whoa!! 😀 your post is like that! Sorry for the long post, Meg! Can’t wait for the next chapter!! 😀


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