Painting (9) Moonlit Path

This is one of those paintings that started out being one thing and finished as something else. It’s really just a practice piece for painting the lights and shadows that are created with a single light source in an otherwise dark landscape. Another better version is in the works…

The accidental photo shoot

I am pretty clueless at using my camera so I was really happy to capture some good shots the other night at the beach and on this rainy morning. One of these days I’ll actually read the manual or watch a tutorial or take a class maybe… you know, because I have all this free time. 😑


Luna, cast your spell for me
Intoxicate the night, will thee
For drugged with love’s anticipation
Long for, yearn for his attention
So drape the sparkling gauze of stars
With the deepest blue of my wanting heart
And let your softest, feathered light
Stir the man of my dreams tonight

I remembered this when I missed the Harvest Moon last week… but the sky was still beautiful tonight.