The accidental photo shoot

I am pretty clueless at using my camera so I was really happy to capture some good shots the other night at the beach and on this rainy morning. One of these days I’ll actually read the manual or watch a tutorial or take a class maybe… you know, because I have all this free time. 😑

35 thoughts on “The accidental photo shoot

  1. I bought a digital camera back in April. I didn’t know it could make movies until I downloaded some test shots I took of my wife. I had know idea I made a movie of my feet. So until you do that you’re way ahead of me. Clueless…not a chance.

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  2. These are fantastic,Doc!! My favorite is the one of the boardwalk over the dune. Very cool effect. 😃

    By the way……I’m super fucking jealous right about now! 😃😃
    Hope y’all are having a fantastic time.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, that turned out cool. I need to figure this out, though. There are so many features I’m not even aware of. The weather was rainy today but that’s all good… very relaxing! Happy hour starts at noon! 😜

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  3. From reading the other comments I think it’s fair to say people like what they see. You’ve got the knack. All you have to do is to bring it into focus (sorry about the pun)

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