I want to be anonymous
I want to run away
Find a way to fake my death
Collect on the insurance policy

Travel somewhere sunny and warm
Where no one knows my name
Change my face, change my form
Ditch my regrets and shame

And sip a cold Dos Equis
On some pristine sandy beach
Cause my life is kinda empty
When you’re so far out of reach

54 thoughts on “Anonymous

      1. Yay! I think we would have an awesome time! We’d make all the men think, ‘why am I not single?’ lol

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      1. We usually go at least twice. We’ve done both, getting a bigger house and taking two or three other couples, we’ve gone with my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew (her husband is in the military and has been deployed during a couple of those trips but handmade it to one), we’ve invited a single friend a time or two, or it’s just been the five of us. Before kids, we’d get a small place for just my wife and I or camped. I don’t really care how we do it as long we’re going! This summers trip out will be us and my sister-in-laws family. Countdown officially began in January! πŸ˜ƒ

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      2. We went in 2013, but I forget where we stayed. It was near where the wild horses are, I think. Someone else makes the arrangements! I just show up with food, booze and my flip flops!

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      3. Perfect! The horses are in several laces but primarily up around Corolla. We stay on Ocracoke but we always take a day, hop the ferry to Hatteras, then drive up to Currituck Lighthouse, stopping at the Hatteras and Bodie Island Lighthouses as well. While you’re there, I recommend a daytrip to Ocracoke.You’ll want to stay. October is a great time of year out there. Pack for hot and cool though. Shit, now I’m full-on daydreaming!

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  1. Well the surroundings and drinks sound tempting, but don’t think it will solve that empty problem…but as a temporary fix it’s the way I’d go too!! πŸ™‚

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