Random Story Idea

Sometimes, these ideas pop into my head and I think, “what a great idea for a story!”  What if you had a blogging friend, someone who posted regularly, religiously, even and suddenly they stopped. Has something happened to them?  Their last couple of blog posts were increasingly disturbing.  You’re not sure if they were writing fiction or making a secret plea for help.  You feel moved to try and solve this mystery.  What you don’t realize is now your own safety is jeopardized.  What do you do?  Where do you begin?

Ok, who’s got an idea for this story?  Take it and run.

32 thoughts on “Random Story Idea

  1. Aha! What a fabulous idea, I am confused about it all the time lol 😀

    I often take a chill pill, pray to God for them and go into a trance 😀

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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      1. LOL 😀 Then I must, that way I might get to meet you all in person 😀

        LOL 😀 Someday, we will all stop and I maybe sooner than everyone else for apparent reasons 🙂

        Thanks for your kind words they mean a lot 🙂

        Love and light ❤

        Anand 🙂

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  2. Finding them. You have no phone number. Maybe an e-mail address but do you even know their real name? You just thought you knew them. Now they’re gone. WordPress tells you no. No disclosure of personal information. So now the search begins. You have the blog. All their posts and all the comments. Clues and false leads. You scour the comments of others and contact them asking for more about your friend. But then you get that feeling, it’s fed by several comments from another blogger you have never heard of. Comments on several of your missing friend’s posts and their followers blogs and they just seem a little strange. And then you receive a comment from the “weird” blogger, “Lose something?” (cue thunder and coyote howls)

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  3. But when do you leave the security of the glowing screen and keyboard? The shield it provides to the outside world. The angst and the worry of closing the laptop and venturing outside to follow the trail that can’t be furthered on line. Real people, not avatars. Real voices not text. Real danger not fiction anymore. Bwahahaha!

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  4. I sort of did this. Okay, not sort of. Back in ’03 in my old-blog days I started a new blog posing as an anthropology student studying relics in a little known area of Canada. I built up a readership (with help from a few bigger bloggers) of his odd findings of “local stories” and odd happenings. I ran it for about three months, with ever greater weirdnesses happening, until Halloween night when I just had it go silent after a particularly harrowing event post.

    I think I was not always as nice a person as I am now. On the plus side, after the reveal there were more “that was awesome” responses than there were “you are just horrible, how could you do that”.

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