Diary of a New Writer – 10 Blah, blah, blogging!

(For other entires in the Diary, check here)

That’s my workspace in the photo.  I use a standing desk because sitting all day is really bad for you.  Anyway, that’s besides the point…   Why do writers blog?  Isn’t that a waste of time that could be spent writing your actual novels, short stories, poems, whatever?  Nope and here’s why:

When you start writing, your blog IS your body of work.  You have what, one book you’ve just self-published?  Your blog introduces you to the world.  With the ability to link to all manor of social media, you are connecting to not just your potential readers and book purchasers, but  editors, publishers and agents.  Remember my friend Kevin that used to work for the big publishing house (that shall remain anonymous!) in New York?  He said they find new authors on Amazon all the time.  Not only that, but even writers publishing on free sites like Wattpad have been discovered.  Check out this article:  One Direction Fan Fiction Writer Gets Six Figure Book Deal.  Isn’t that crazy?

For maximum exposure, link your blog to all the social media sites WordPress makes available.  In the left column here in the new editor, is a sharing button that will automatically send your blog posts all over the place.  Besides that, you should also set up an author page at Amazon.  They have a nice little walk through that helps you every step of the way and guess what?  You can link your blog to that too!  But you have to do it through Amazon.  It’s not hard; trust me, if I can do it so can you.  Also, Facebook let’s you create a dedicated author page.  That way new readers can “like” your page and it won’t get mixed up with your personal stuff, cat videos, drunken office party photos… you know what I mean!

What should your blog contain?  That’s entirely up to you, really.  However, I’ve tried to follow this path.  I’m a writer so my blog needs to focus on writing related subjects.  I always joke that my head is exploding with ideas so my blog is full of short stories and my serial fiction piece.  Perhaps you want to reserve your creative juices for the novel you’re working on.  That’s fine.  Maybe your blog could share some of the research you’re doing on your subject.  Or you could share a writing tip or two.  How about something that helped inspire your story?  Tell us about an author you admire, how their writing influenced you.  What about some of the obstacles you’ve overcome in order to write?  How do you get past writer’s block?  Any and all of those things are great material for your blog and unique to each writer.

Another thing to consider is that in the chance that a potential agent or publisher stumbles across your blog (hopefully!), you need to treat it kind of like a resumé.  That doesn’t mean it has to be stultified and seamlessly professional.  It should reflect your personality, so be funny, outrageous, provocative and controversial if that’s your thing!  Just make sure that whatever you post is what you want the world to see.

I think this goes without saying, but use the blog to connect with other writers.  Like I mentioned last week, no one will understand your feelings like another writer.  When writers share their thoughts on their blogs, it only helps the readers understand the lengths we go to in order to write.  Taking that one step further, we as writers should be actively responding to and engaging with our readers.  Answer their questions, ask them for feedback, go to other blogs and leave thoughtful comments there.  Be part of the community!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Diary of a New Writer because that’s the end!  Not the end of my story, though!  I will continue to post about my journey but I just didn’t want to continue it as this series.  After all, eventually I will no longer be a new writer!  And Diary of a New Writer – 78 sounds ridiculous!



43 thoughts on “Diary of a New Writer – 10 Blah, blah, blogging!

  1. Fantastic, I loved this and I need to read the rest. My head is also brimming with ideas I need to write, but the bloggin part also makes sure I can have an audience when I do finally get around to writing something! 🙂

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      1. I realise this and it’s a cool thing, I’m also finding out a lot about people on the way and so many people you wouldn’t expect like what you write. Like you 🙂

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    1. I do! Funny story: Since I started my serial fiction piece: Here Lies a Soldier which is what the grave markers of soldiers read, my followers on google plus are nearly all military men! Looking for relationships!!!! They obviously aren’t reading the story which is about family history! Maybe I’m not doing something right? 😀

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  2. Good points in this article. My blog has always been an extension to my website, which I’ve been using as my Writing Showroom/Creative Resume of sorts. I’ve been considering prettying it up some after studying some of the cool new formats that I see popping up recently.

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      1. I think anything that helps establish you and get the word out is important. How extensive you get with it is a matter of personal preference. I’m probably a poor example of marketing because I focus more on creating a quality story than selling books. I would suppose that a properly utilized blog can serve the purpose of a website, but I’m Old School and believe that you should have a website in addition to the blog.


  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from this series. Thank you so much for sharing your insight into the wonderful journey! As I embark on this path I’m apprehensive but the fact that I have your tips and ideas to fall back on helps me a great deal! So thank you again for that! 🙂

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  4. Congratulations on completion 🙂

    I have enjoyed reading this series.

    Now that I am done with my quota of appreciation, I should inform you I am nominating you for gratitude challenge. Little hard work not much 😀

    I also want to tell you that you have a cluttered desk 🙂

    I would have a hard time working at your desk and what standing-up? LOL 😀

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  5. Thank you for putting this up. I am a new blogger, trying to practice my writing and get feedback.. I am still discovering myself. But this important information has helped clear so many doubts already. I shall go back and read the previous articles in this series.

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  6. Wow Dr. Meg! You pretty much just validated all of the countless hours and hard work I have spent on my blog… And I still don’t consider myself a writer! I often wonder what the heck I’m doing but don’t we all now and again? Thanks for the awesome post! xo Whitney

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