Flashback: Angsty teenage poetry

It’s a rainy day here in southeast Pennsylvania.  It’s my day off and for whatever reason, I decided to peruse my old notebooks.  Remember when you were young and love seemed as serious as a heart attack?  Well, I found a poem I wrote when, just after graduation from high school, I got dumped by a boy I thought I loved.


The dull thudding rain falls softly

As another grey day goes by

I am drowning in misery

And wondering once again, why?

An umbrella shelters the walkers

As they trudge along the street

And I stare out my window, alone and desperate

The kettle whistles on the stove

But I just let it shriek

I’m too far gone, I can’t move

My limbs are growing weak

The empty bottle hits the floor

As I open my slackened hand

And I wonder once again

Why I loved that man

12 thoughts on “Flashback: Angsty teenage poetry

  1. You are a brave woman to post her angsty teenage poetry! I have a few notebooks around that I cannot throw away but I cringe to read. If all of your teenage poetry is this good you should make that a regular feature!

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  2. Angsty teenage poetry never goes out of style as far as I am concerned. It’s nice to know that I wasn’t alone in my teenage suffering. Here is a pitch for your next short story: The teenage girl with the experience and wisdom of a 40-something. Instead of YA it would be MAA (middle age adult). Ha!


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