A Year Of Drawing Adventurously Drawing (7) Theme

A biweekly challenge for a total of 26 drawings this year.

This is the last weekend of this tumultuous month. March has indeed been a wild weather month, beginning with snow and wind and ending up [at least in the Bucks County region] with temperatures in the 70’s! So as the saying goes ‘in like a lion’ our first theme of the month, this week’s theme is:

“Out like a lamb”

Any and all interpretations are welcome!

Drawing Adventurously 2019 (6)

The theme is “Spring” which to me conjures flowers and blooms. I’m not great with charcoal so I decided to practice this week. Filling in the background resulted in unintentionally creating a ‘negative’ image. With all my many attempts in charcoal, this was the best of the lot. As you can see, I need to practice a lot more! Nevertheless, here is my spring lily in Charcoal

Painting (7) Dogwood Blossoms

Another practice piece. I decided to try something colorful and cheerful because I’ve been in a terrible mood lately. No doubt the dreary weather has something to do with it. Good news though… the weekend forecast is for sunshine and warm temperatures. Maybe the blooms will finally pop. Here is my interpretation of a blooming dogwood tree: