Painting (7) Dogwood Blossoms

Another practice piece. I decided to try something colorful and cheerful because I’ve been in a terrible mood lately. No doubt the dreary weather has something to do with it. Good news though… the weekend forecast is for sunshine and warm temperatures. Maybe the blooms will finally pop. Here is my interpretation of a blooming dogwood tree:

30 thoughts on “Painting (7) Dogwood Blossoms

      1. I hear ya’. 70’s here this weekend, but snow in forecast for next week. It’s gettin’ old. Oh, and because I won’t be here this weekend, I get to enjoy the blustery 40’s in The Windy City. 😏


      2. Oh man, bad timing. But worth it for your friend. Good man. I don’t think we have snow in the forecast, thankfully, but the cold returns next week. Bleh.

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