Presque Vu

A poem by Meg Sorick

Presque Vu

Close your eyes and listen
An old song you used to know
A memory hovers at the edge of your mind
Soft words whispered
An evening’s secrets
Before the rain came
Smell the ozone in the air
And run for the shelter
As the downpour soaked us through
The drumming on the tin roof
Matching the beating of two hearts
Is it a memory or a remembered daydream?
A figment of the imagination
Alive only in your mind
Just out of reach, presque vu

Just a note… this poem was inspired by one I wrote when I was 17 years old. Full of angst and heavy with teenage dread, the poems I composed as a young woman are unpublishable now. But… from within, I can pull ideas and even a few lines. ~Meg

22 thoughts on “Presque Vu

  1. Meg, this is lovely. You’ve beautifully captured the almost, the “Just out of reach”. “Smell the ozone in the air”, such a great line. I’m enamored with the idea of presque vu. I like when it happens, but I hardly ever know the cause, in fact in can be days before I can link a memory to it, that is if I’m lucky. Wishing you a good day, hope you’re getting a bit of a break from the cold weather. 🙂 💗

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  2. ” … from within, I can pull ideas and even a few lines …” this is an excellent observation, Meg. While the words no longer satisfy, it is sometimes possible to recapture the emotion of that earlier poetry. A sense of angst and sadness often lingers and the occasional metaphor, created under that early emotional stress, can still haunt the memory, meaning it retains a power beyond its original intention, whatever that was. I find my ‘golden oldies’ still contain sparkling gems, on occasion, but I am rarely still satisfied with them. Thankfully, I have usually moved on.

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    1. Yes, that’s it exactly. Some of these older poems trigger the memories of what I was feeling at the time. Despite their lack of maturity, the emotions are completely valid. I have more of them that I might rework into new pieces. Thank you so much, Roger!


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