Sketching From a Photograph (9) Baby Boy

So this was a little different, sketching a baby. Baby heads and faces are proportioned differently from adult faces. Their eyes are larger in relation to the rest of the face and their noses are smaller, softer and rounder than after they develop. I thought it would be a challenge to sketch my friend’s little guy:


Baby Showers Remind Me

Baby showers remind me
There’s one more place I don’t belong
A club I’m not a member of
Standing on the outside looking in

We decided at the start
Not to have a child
To keep our freedom to ourselves
And I never thought I’d mind

But baby showers remind me
Of what I’ve sacrificed
No little one to love us
No chance to carry life

And sure I’ve loved the liberty
To travel and see the world
But I wonder if our union
Would’ve made a little boy or girl

And baby showers remind me
That time has passed along
That though I am a beloved wife
I’ll never be a mom

Might make for a country song…