Drawing Adventurously (23)

I’ve always been intrigued by the legend of King Arthur. While it’s unlikely that Arthur truly existed, it’s possible the legend grew around a real life king or warrior or an amalgamation of several real life heroes of the Dark Ages. For this challenge, I chose to draw one of the characters of Arthurian legend:

The Lady of the Lake:

4 thoughts on “Drawing Adventurously (23)

  1. This is so lovely Meg! She is a beauty. Nice shading. I love that you are patient enough to pay so much attention to each detail. I could never do that. Looks like they had a good fashion sense even so many years ago!!

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    1. Thanks so much, Prema! I searched for images of the lady of the lake to get some ideas on how to dress her and pose her. I’m so happy you like it!


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