Monochrome Monday – Black and White Photography 2019 – (21)

Going off the path with my photography this week. Landed safely in Ireland on Wednesday morning but we’re dealing with some complications at the moment. To destress over the weekend, we visited Portumna Forest Park and walked the trails that wind through the woods. Imagine our delight when we paused to look out over the lake and realized there were no man made sounds around us, only the wind and the birds. Here are some views from my walk:

26 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday – Black and White Photography 2019 – (21)

    1. Phew! What a bumpy ride. Everything was going along smoothly and then at the last minute lots of glitches. We’re so tired….. At least we have a few days before H starts work. 😃

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      1. Not in yet. That was one of the snags. The house sale on the US side got delayed. Without the funds from the sale we couldn’t settle on the Irish house. It looks like Friday is the day though. So we’ll have the weekend to move in. Fingers crossed!

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      2. We are in what they call a self catering apartment. It has a kitchenette so at least we can cook some meals and not eat out all the time. Hoping for tomorrow! Can settle in over the weekend!

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    1. Thanks, Phil! By the way I loved the new book but haven’t had time to do a proper review of it. I promise as soon as I have time I’ll happily give you a glowing review. And I hope you have the next installment started!


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