Drawing Adventurously 2019 (1)

The theme for Drawing (1) is “Face the future.” Since I’ve been thinking a lot about artificial intelligence recently, my ‘face’ drawing is a concept of that potential future (and a potential illustration for Inhuman).

24 thoughts on “Drawing Adventurously 2019 (1)

  1. Good start Meg! The inhuman face looks perfect with no emotion! I wonder what the future is going to be like with AI. Man makes everything to simplify life but it seems to only get more complicated!

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    1. That is the truth! All of the AI science fiction seems to paint a terrifying future. I guess based on man’s track record, that is a reasonable conclusion! Thanks Prema!


  2. Hi, I found your challenge really interesting and love the title, it’s quite motivating. I hope you don’t mind a newbie joiner and it’s not too late? I’ll be posting my drawing and I’ll pingback to your post here.

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    1. I’m glad you’re joining us. All skill levels are welcome. I wanted to do a challenge to make myself try new subjects each time and thus improve. Glad to have you aboard! Should I call you coleesee?

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      1. Thanks Meg. Yes I guess calling me coleesee will be fine. I’ve posted drawings of a sort for the first two prompts and am now racking my brains for the third, hopefully I can keep in time with your schedule from there.
        I loved your drawing and.its science fiction style. Inhuman’ is intriguing, from the point of view of your drawing as an illustration and the mention of artificial intelligence. I’ll try and make some time for reading. Your prompts have been fun and thought-provoking so far. Thanks again.

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      2. It’s a drawing every two weeks so you’re catching up nicely! The third drawing theme will be posted this Saturday and you’ll have two weeks to finish. Thanks again for joining in!


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