You said I had an interesting face

I knew you loved me then

When pretty girls were always eager

You chose a complicated woman

Not an easy path

Trampling the brittle bones

Of my past

While I would turn back

And try to resurrect them

Never really closing doors

So that the slightest breeze

Would blow them open

Oh, how you begged me

To give you the keys

But their weight in my pocket

Was a strange comfort to me

As if the chance to keep looking

At the scorched earth outside

Would remind me of the love

I now possessed

But even after all this time

With all your reassurances

And the absolute surety of your love

I can’t help but wonder if

You would have been happier

If my face was less interesting

18 thoughts on “Pretty

  1. Wonderful story and great portrait. My experience with them is you will do tens and tens, perhaps hundreds. Each will look a bit like you, but also not. I like that in your profile portrait and In the one of your character, you don’t use too much dark b/c it’s hard to take back. I tend to love that darkness and removing some of it to the white of paper (or whatever paper shade). Or, a bit to show a bit of light grey & different tones. Although the downside is you can make your portrait appear much older than your subject lol. Hair is great fun. Tiny erasers with almost pointy endswork great 🙂

    Have you played a lot with charcoal yet? The vine charcoal and the different hardnesses of black charcoal are my fav for portraits & still life. I love soft charcoal and a charcoal pencil or a very plank one, is great for details. And many many erasers as well as fixative spray that had flexibility. So, you can keep some of your pic w/o smudging it, & work on top of that. I’m sure you know & have worked with it. I love art stores too . Like candy shops 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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    1. Thank you! This is really only loosely a self portrait. Maybe me in my younger days. I just started drawing a woman’s face and gave her my hair and the little lines around my mouth. I love tiny erasers! I have to thank you again for suggesting them! They are a life saver!

      I haven’t played too much with charcoal. I have three charcoal pencils and two charcoal sticks and I really haven’t developed much skill with them. I make a huge mess. But they do have a real atmospheric edge to them. I’ve done one or two dark landscape drawings with them that I think turned out pretty well. I’ll have to keep working on it! Thanks again!

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      1. You’re welcome. It’s whatever you like. Perhaps you prefer precision, then different mediums work better. Love sei * your drawings 🙂 I love those tiny erasers too. Too much. If I’m repeating myself lol. Have a great weekend Meg!

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