Drawing progression: cast of an ear

This is another drawing tutorial – this time a cast of an ear, one of the most difficult body parts to get right. I begin with measurements, including a box in which the ear will fit. I’ll let the progression show you what I did, beginning with my reference photo:

33 thoughts on “Drawing progression: cast of an ear

  1. Are a pair of ears identical for each individual? Your drawing just keeps getting more detailed and spot on every time I visit. Think it is so cool to watch the progression of mastery. Thank you. All my best to you Meg.

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      1. add charcoal or dark chalk to the darkest areas and white pencil or white chalk for light. Not too much…just where you feel the dark and the light areas are.they will bring the ear to life. You have a very soft, delicate, and precise touch! Love this drawing.

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      2. Great idea! Yes there are pros on using photos instead of real casts. There are also cons…but you have an excellent eye for details and for drawing light and shadows. The only issue I have with photos is that they are 2-D so your eyes miss one dimension.

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      3. Thank you again! Maybe one day I will check into buying a cast. That way I can try drawing from several different angles as well!


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