Blame It On My A.D.D.

This writer’s life…

My friends and regular readers will know by now that I have many interests. While I try my best to concentrate on writing, I find great enjoyment in art and photography. But I also have a day job: I am a chiropractor with an office in my home. This June 3rd, marked 23 years in practice, the first 18 of which was spent in a busy, multi-doctor office. I said goodbye to that at the end of 2013.

While I have been pleased to care for my faithful patients, friends and family here at home, the business side of things has never been my strong suit. I despise the paperwork, the red tape and the hoop-jumping one has to do in the name of healthcare. It takes the joy out of practicing a healing art. Recently, some of the rules changed again for maintaining a license. It’s a good and necessary rule, mind you, but it requires extra fees for continuing education. Someone always finds a way to make money. So as I did my taxes this year, I considered just how profitable it was for me to remain in this small, part-time, cash practice when the cost of insuring my office, continuing education, license fees, and malpractice insurance all keep climbing. My conclusion? It isn’t profitable at all. And I don’t have the zeal or drive to go out and build my practice up anymore. My heart is in a different place. There’s more to the story, however. We are considering a move. Trying to practice in a new location presents a whole list of challenges. So on August 31, 2018, I will close the door on Dr. Margaret Sorick, Chiropractor.

You might be thinking: “Wow, pretty nice that she has the luxury to pursue writing full time.” Yes, that would be wonderful, however, I still feel the need to contribute to the household bottom line and novel writing is a slow and uncertain way to earn an income. Hopefully, one day I will be a best selling author, but for now I need to be realistic. So what am I going to do for work?

One of the aspects of writing that I find enjoyable is editing. My own professional editor, has often remarked that I don’t give him much to do. I have edited for four other writers just for fun and they were all happy with the results. I started thinking it might be something I could do for income. Coincidentally, Writer’s Digest offers classes and workshops in the art of writing, editing, and so forth. One of their copy editing classes started this month and I enrolled. There is an advanced class to follow. At the end of the course, I can either try to find a job copy editing or do some freelance work on my own. It also allows me to work from anywhere as long as I have a good internet connection. And obviously, my own writing will benefit from the course as well.

As one door closes, another one opens, they say. I only hope this new door opens onto cool, green meadows and not a grubby, back alley filled with dumpsters! Time will tell and of course I’ll keep you posted!

50 thoughts on “Blame It On My A.D.D.

  1. HeyDoc, thats a plot twist of epic proportions! I totally get the paperwork and licensure and regulations. That’s the part of my work that I despise too. It seems they try to dissuade us from helping people at every turn. This is exciting though! New doors open, indeed! Remember, 20 years ago, i was miserable sitting at a cubicle staring blindly at accounts receivable spreadsheets like a stunned trout. Change can be a beautiful thing. 😊😊

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  2. God knows I’m disgusted with the business side of healthcare at the moment! Best of luck with the editing thing. I actually looked into that but I have no skills… not “real” ones anyway. I gave up pretty much immediately. It sounds like a job I’d like, but I’n not sure I could do it. During my unemployment, I have spent (and often still spend) a lot… a LOT of time looking into jobs I could do at home. I have had zero success. But your skill set is different. I’ve got to admit… I will be really jealous if you are able to land something right away since I’ve been trying for longer than I care to admit! But I hope it works out! I wish there was something I thought would actually work for me because working from home would solve a LOT of my current issues… it would be ideal for me. But I don’t even know what I want, never mind what I am qualified for. Finding legitimate work-from-home jobs is easily one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do.

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    1. I think I will like editing if I can find someone to hire me! My ‘old’ degree is in marketing, believe it or not… but I barely used it before getting into chiropractic. I may find that I’m not very employable either! But if that doesn’t work out, I might paste together a couple of part time gigs to make one decent income. Coming soon: Meg Sorick teaches Chinese kindergartners how to speak English (only half joking… this is on my list!) 😜

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      1. Well, that is a thing. I don’t even have a list of things to try because I’ve either already tried them and failed or I knew I couldn’t do them from the start. Most of what I’ve seen out there doesn’t pay anywhere close to a ‘real’ salary. Well, at least things I thought about trying. I’m talking really crap money… like ten or twenty dollars a month, if even! Maybe I looked at all the wrong things. I don’t know but I have looked into this so much that I’ve given up. Maybe you have better ideas than I had!

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      2. The online teaching thing pays about $20/hour but you may only work 6-8 hours in a week. As for editing, that remains to be seen. I would really like to just find enough part time work so that I can make a contribution but still have time to work on my own novel. If the pay is too low, I’ll spend too much time trying to earn very little money. Not ideal…

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  3. Hi Meg! Yeah, the medical field is a big headache! I work on the legal side of it as an agent the insurance adjusters. They’re always trying to write off whatever they can. I can’t even imagine the certifications, insurance and redtape one must deal with to be on their own in a practice. It sounds like you’re on a better path though. One that will be more enjoyable and hopefully lucrative. I wish you the best! Take good care. ~Matt

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    1. Thanks, Matt! It’s hard being a one person operation. Everything is so complicated now. It was so much simpler when I started. I am a combination of happy, nervous, relieved and excited to try something new!

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  4. As an RN who had to retire early due to disability, I can only say, “go for it!” I find an outlet for my healthcare knowledge, skills and abilities by helping family and friends understand and cope with their health challenges (and the challenges of dealing with the screwy healthcare system we have). In the meantime, the creative writing makes great occupational therapy, and the blogging community provides ongoing opportunities to learn new things – including your fictional take on the Great War, when it becomes available.

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    1. Thank you, Christine! I am cautiously optimistic! I don’t know if I could work in health care again – it really is screwy. But I will never say never. Right now I’m just burnt out from it. Even if I have to paste together a couple of part time gigs to support my writing, I want to give it an honest try! 🙏

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  5. I am sure your decision to quit as a chiropractor is a right one. No point in continuing when your heart is not in it. As you say, when one door closes, another one opens. I am sure you will be successful as an editor and more so as you have enrolled into a class for learning the nuances of the job. You are multi talented and good at all of them. When you paint so well, maybe you can try selling some, online or otherwise? It could be a supplementary income.

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    1. Thank you Prema! I hope you are right! I have considered trying to sell some of my art. I’ve had a few people ask if some of my paintings were for sale – I figured that was a good sign. After the classes are over I will see what is involved! And thank again for your vote of confidence!

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  6. You are one of the most driven and enterprising people I’ve known! I You will be a success at whatever you choose to do. PS. Please move into the Chicago suburbs and be my private chiropractor! I’d say haha, but I’m not really kidding!

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  7. Hey, Doc! I like that. I don’t think anyone ever called me doc, not that I wanted them to. I remember being asked by a very irate radio announcer if I really was a doc, he thought I was having him on. Well, I have been having people on with that one for more than forty years. And when I think of some of the people who insisted upon being called doc, I am glad I never was!!!!

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    1. I’ve always felt a little weird calling myself “Doctor” but not Doc as a nickname. Anyway, in 6 more weeks I will no longer be in practice and i will officially start calling myself a writer and artist when people ask what I do for work. Unless of course I end up waiting tables at the local diner! Then just call me Marge! (No don’t do that, please!!!)


  8. Good luck Meg. I think you’ll be very happy editing. Rub those pennies together when you can. It’ll help out for your next trip to Ireland. Who knows, I might be one of your clients soon if I’m lucky.

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    1. Thanks, Tom! If nothing else, the course was helpful for sharpening my own skills. It’s not an easy field to break into but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Let me know when you’re ready! 😃


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