Painting (11) Bridge Over the Delaware River

Last September, I attended a wedding at the beautiful Lambertville Station Inn. It was a perfect night, clear and mild with a gorgeous sunset. I took a photo that evening of the New Hope – Lambertville Bridge with the sun going down behind it. I’ve always wanted to try and recreate it in a painting. Here is the result:

And the photo I copied:

31 thoughts on “Painting (11) Bridge Over the Delaware River

    1. Yes, a layer of clear gesso to prep the canvas, then the paint in its basic shapes. It looks like color stripes, then the detail last. It dries pretty quick so you need to work fast to blend the colors!

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      1. Compared to what you’re doing with water colors? Not at all! One of these days I’ll do a video – although I feel like too much of a newbie to be giving a tutorial!

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      2. 🤫 keep it between us but I feel the same way with explaining this barn series.

        I had a thought the other day “what on earth are you doing? You’ve only just started and it looks like you’re writing a How To”… it was as much to get guidance and correction on my process but doesn’t seem to have done that.

        I’d watch the video for sure, though I’m scared to try yet another media just yet… don’t have the time for what I’ve already got!!

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      3. Maybe considering our rather limited experience, we are both doing ok! (Oh I am just asking for it… the gods of art are bound to pull the rug out from under me!) 😮


  1. Beautiful! I actually like the colors in your painting more than the picture (though I imagine the picture doesn’t capture the live colors!).

    Jayden R. Vincente
    Erotic Fiction Writer

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    1. Thank you! I am still working on mixing my colors accurately. I am pretty pleased with the result anyway. It’s my most daring attempt so far!


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