Wednesday Workshop: Reading

I had to share this wonderful post from my friend and mentor Roger Moore. His thoughts on reading and why writers should be readers are pure gold. Enjoy!


IMG_0167Wednesday Workshop
11 April 2018
Reading for Writers

Miguel de Cervantes once wrote that he was so fond of reading he would pick up even the scraps of paper he found in the street to read them if anything was written on them. This is well-known. What is less known is that Don Quixote, his immortal novel (DQI, 1605, DQII, 1615) is a masterpiece, not only of writing, but also of reading.

From the initial sortie, a prose transcription of an earlier short play, to the Scrutiny of the Library, Cervantes demonstrates right from the start his awareness of current trends in poetry, theatre and prose. In addition, he shows (especially DQI, chapter 47) his acquaintance with contemporary literary theory, as E. C. Riley has so ably established in Cervantes’s Theory of the Novel.

Cervantes begins with the traditional Renaissance novel (DQI, 1605) in which he experiments…

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8 thoughts on “Wednesday Workshop: Reading

      1. Indeed! I made the mistake of slacking off on my reading for a bit when I started writing (and blogging daily) and I think my work suffered for it. So now I set a reading goal for the year. 👍

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  1. “A series writer creates the world she’d like to inhabit.” Absolutely Correct! I’ve been writing a series (I’m trying to tweak it right now) and it’s exactly where I want to live. A big city is cold and impersonal. A small town where a lot of people know you, where life isn’t quite as hectic, is my dream. And since I’m the author I can populate the town just the way I want.

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