Castle Ruins – Drawing to Painting #art

I’ve been teaching myself to paint, in acrylics for the time being. One of the better pieces I’ve painted is this castle ruin overlooking the ocean. I have been following a series of tutorials on YouTube: Painting With Jane, so I can’t take credit for the original idea. Anyway, I sketched it in charcoal and chalk first, then painted in acrylic.

55 thoughts on “Castle Ruins – Drawing to Painting #art

      1. It’s not easy to recreate that motion and chaos, but you’re doing well so far. That scene you posted yesterday though, of the houses at Galway? I’d like to see that in paint! 😃

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    1. I tell you…. it’s like therapy. It’s no wonder they get art programs started in mental health facilities. I am very soothed when I draw and paint. Thanks so much Lula! 💗

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  1. I love painting with Jane, and this piece is wonderful!! I enjoy working with charcoal and you really get the feel of it still

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    1. Thank you! I’ve learned so much watching her tutorials. I don’t always copy the painting exactly, but I always use her techniques. I tried the rainy window in charcoal, too. It came out great! Thanks for stopping by!


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