Feel Good Story

If any of you are in desperate need to read something positive and well… just awesome if you ask me, then check out this story about Philadelphia Eagles’ long snapper, Jon Dorenbos. Seriously, it’s the best thing I read all day.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Win Fast Tracks Movie On Long Snapper/Magician Jon Dorenbos

23 thoughts on “Feel Good Story

      1. He got traded to New Orleans at the beginning of the season. Then when he went through the physical to be cleared to play they found the aneurysm. That’s when he retired. Philly brought him back so he could honorarily win the super bowl with the team!


  1. Jon’s life journey is definitely film-worthy. One of the most popular Eagles during his days here – great at his job but even better off the field. Thanks for sharing it Meg!

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      1. Like I said, assholes. Went to a UofL-WVU football game there back in the 90’s and swore I’d never go back. I didn’t feel safe to even go to the bathroom. Had beer tossed on us, popcorn thrown down on us, got cussed out. It was the worst away game experience I ever had. Assholes.

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  2. That’s so cool! A very nice thing for the Eagles to do. And a stroke of luck that he had that trade-related physical that showed the aortic aneurysm. My mom had one that she eventually had surgery for when it reached a certain size and became life threatening. Scary stuff


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