Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe…

Inspire:  breathe in

Inspire:  fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative

Writers look for inspiration everywhere.  In some of my previous posts I’ve mentioned finding inspiration in music, in art, and in my own personal life experiences.  Having your senses stimulated this way, often fires your creative process.  There’s another way, though…

Like the rest of you, my life is busy and my mind can be a very noisy and messy place.  It can get to the point where it feels like I can’t catch my breath.  Maybe even like I’m under water.  When that happens, it’s time to take a break and find some quiet time.  For me, that means getting outside, no matter the weather.  Walking the country roads past the crumbling old walls that line the pastures, I let my mind wander.  There’s a fallen down barn on the dirt road about a mile away.  The red-tailed hawks perch on the half-rotted beams and watch for field mice and rabbits in the tall grass.  The wind sighing, the birds singing, the chatter of the squirrels is the only music to my ears.  Cross the creek, rushing with last night’s rain.  The smell of damp leaves, the early spring mud, all loamy and decayed.

Breathe it in deeply.  Inspire…

Maybe you live in the city and can’t get out into nature that easily.   Go out and walk the sidewalks, enjoy the sunshine, the hum of traffic, the jostle of people hurrying to their destinations.  Spend an hour, if you have it, without your phone.  Ignore the texts, e-mails and alerts for a while.  They’ll be there when you get back.  Find a park, sprawl on a bench, listen to the buzz of conversations going on around you, the laughter of children playing.  Let it be like white noise, vague and mesmerizing.


Now go home and write something beautiful.

36 thoughts on “Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe…

  1. Please get rid of my other comment. I swear my phone has a mind of its own.

    One of my favorite things to do is get in the car, open all the windows, and drive…to nowhere. Sometimes I find beautiful places to stop and look at the water, flowers, trees, anything. But other times… I just keep moving the whole time.

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    1. That’s a great idea. There’s something about having part of your brain occupied with another activity (like driving) that allows ideas to flow on the creative side. That’s actually a ‘thing’ but I forget what its called!

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  2. Aww Meg! This is a really beautiful post! ❤️😀 I love it lots! I can’t wait til Friday for another chapter of Double Seduction! Have a feeling it is coming to an end soon, though. 😔

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  3. My brain is on anxiety hyper drive today and I log on and see this post in my reader…
    It’s divine providence or You timed it perfectly – maybe both! ❤

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