Painting (4) Autumn In My Mind

Here in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia, the fall foliage was a huge disappointment. The leaves which normally display a lovely variety of warm and brilliant hues, went from green to dried brown before falling off the trees. This painting is my way of making up for it. Thanks to my photographer friend, sonofabeach96 for the inspiration with this photo of his Kentucky farm:

13 thoughts on “Painting (4) Autumn In My Mind

  1. Hey! That’s fantastic, Doc! I wish the trees were that vibrant in the photo! I like your shot a lot better. We did get some color this year, but only for about 3 days. Then the winds took ’em all off. Love the painting though! You’re practice is payin’ off. 😊😊

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  2. This year were great colors even in the city. But it was at an expense of a very rainy spring. I like the painting, and the photo has an air of mystery to it with the fog.

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    1. Ah, lucky you! We had a rainy start to the spring and summer as well, but then it quit. Plus then it stayed warm. Anyway, thank you! Painting and sketching are a nice, yet still creative way to rest from writing. 😃


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