“They want me to NaNoWriMo… I say, no, no, no.”

Today, being the first day of November, is also day one of National Novel Writing Month. For the last several weeks, my email box has been filling with correspondence from the local Bucks County NaNo group, the national organization and other assorted promotional advertisers for the event. I’m not buying into the hype this year.

Last year, I participated in order to kick start the fifth book in my novel series. I’d written a few hundred words, had the basic plot outlined but hadn’t made any progress beyond that in months. I managed to come close to the 50,000 word goal by the end of November but the story was far from finished. In fact, here I am one year later, still working on it. It never took me this long to publish the previous four books. So much for NaNoWriMo.

Nevertheless, I am going to use the month as a deadline for the revising and editing of the book. I am giving myself 30 days to make the changes to the story, proof the grammar and dialogue, read aloud for awkward sentence structure and double check for timeline inconsistencies. Then it goes to my editor for final approval before loading to Amazon and CreatSpace for publishing, hopefully before the holiday season.

That clears my desk for 2017. Bring on the new year and a new start to another novel! Brace yourselves for more WWI history posts.

By the way, the first of November and it’s still green in Bucks County… Weird.

13 thoughts on ““They want me to NaNoWriMo… I say, no, no, no.”

  1. My grandfather lied about his age to serve in WW1 as a trench courier, served in WW2, and Korea. Sounds intriguing. I’m trying to read about WW2 but slow going. Reading about the DamBusters.

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    1. I had a great grandfather in the First World War, he served in France and died young from the effects of gas. This is the book I really want to write. The series novels are fun but this is something else entirely.

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