Wild Atlantic Way

A solitary stretch of pristine sand
My footprints blemish and scar
Waves heave as the storm approaches
From the west, to the Wild Atlantic shore

My hair escapes from its binding
The wind whips tendrils free
It’s raw and violent and beautiful
This angry, roiling sea

On the barren rocks, scoured by salt
I confront the ocean’s madness
Facing down Poseidon’s fury
As if I am his willing mistress

I close my eyes and lift my hands
Let the tempest soak my skin
I’m a little reckless in my abandon
As the Sea God roars and threatens

But his ferocity is seductive
I’ve never felt more alive
Flesh tingling in excitement
Against the onslaught thrive

But finally the gale subsides
The sun returns after the storm
Its rays soothe and comfort
I’m left breathless, drenched and calm

Photo my own: Donegal, Ireland

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