In the interest of research

One of the little details I often include in my novels is the kinds of cars my characters drive. In fact with Breaking Bread, I’ve even included a car dealership in the story. So every year, in the spirit of researching so as to be accurate, I visit the Philadelphia Auto Show held at the Convention Center on Market Street. I can take the train from the suburbs to Jefferson Station and never have to even exit to the street to get to the show. This is where I was on Friday…

I’ve yet to give one of my characters anything more exotic than the Porsche (Brad) and the Challenger Hellcat (Jack Staley). Who doesn’t love a handsome hero in a hot car?

I love to drive. I love to shift. I want a car that’s trying to kill me…. (Not really) But inevitably I start to think about tearing down a long stretch of desert highway at top speed, windows down, stereo screaming and … I want to go.






40 thoughts on “In the interest of research

  1. Love it! Makes me wanna read what you’re writing! (The writer’s equivalent of ‘I’ll have what she’s having.’) The kind of worlds my characters inhabit, the junkyard might be a better research location…

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      1. A few years ago, I did almost that very thing… rented a Camaro SS though, not a Porsche. Had it up to 130 mph on a stretch of road near the white sands proving grounds. Amazing!


  2. Oh those are cool. My older son has been into cars since he could push them and make the noise. Needless to say, I have learned a ton through his interest. I’m so not a daredevil but it’d be fun to be in one of those!

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  3. I do love beautiful cars. Probably the most beautiful of all was made in my city when I was born – the Jag E-Type. I realised I’d never own one, briefly thought about an MGB-GT and then a few years ago bought the late 90s niche successor, a black Toyota Celica for just over £2k. Love it. Drive it on my 70 mile round trip daily commute, it manages around 40 mpg, handles rather nicely, gets 2 people in the back (& lots of luggage space), is reasonably spritely (although not really a proper sports car) and my eldest daughter called it The Batmobile when I bought it. 😀

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