In the interest of research

One of the little details I often include in my novels is the kinds of cars my characters drive. In fact with Breaking Bread, I’ve even included a car dealership in the story. So every year, in the spirit of researching so as to be accurate, I visit the Philadelphia Auto Show held at the Convention Center on Market Street. I can take the train from the suburbs to Jefferson Station and never have to even exit to the street to get to the show. This is where I was on Friday…

I’ve yet to give one of my characters anything more exotic than the Porsche (Brad) and the Challenger Hellcat (Jack Staley). Who doesn’t love a handsome hero in a hot car?

I love to drive. I love to shift. I want a car that’s trying to kill me…. (Not really) But inevitably I start to think about tearing down a long stretch of desert highway at top speed, windows down, stereo screaming and … I want to go.