Body parts – Eyes (3)

For this sketch, my gorgeous friend Sandra (What Sandra Thinks) modeled for me. If this were color, you’d see her eyes, bright and beautiful blue.

39 thoughts on “Body parts – Eyes (3)

  1. Hello Meg,
    My name is Gaylene ,and just started to Follow yourself.
    Very impressed with your Artistic flair. Those “Eyes ” are stunning. You really came through with the Goods. I love Art and reading great Reads. Your Reads are very pleasant and interesting.

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year !!

    Look forward to reading and more content in the near future.
    Your new friend and follower,
    Gaylene aka

    P.S. I am just starting out. Very much a Newbie with the Nervousness πŸ˜‰


  2. All in favor say “eye.” Opposed? I didn’t think so. Your sketches got game girl! And speaking of games…I was remiss in asking you how you enjoyed the Ravens-Steelers clash last weekend?!

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