Body parts – Eyes (2)

Eye alone…

“In your eyes, the light, the heat… In your eyes I am complete.” Peter Gabriel

46 thoughts on “Body parts – Eyes (2)

  1. Gorgeous, Ttne corner of the eyes on the outside you want to make that very dark so the eye has a rounded shape and the whiteness of the the eye sticks out. On the inside of the eye before you get to the corner. Take a pen-eraser and make the eye ball on the edge as white as you can and in a curve so this will make the eye more rounded on the other side. Otherwise extremely good. Not trying to tell you tell you what to do, just thought it might help you.

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      1. Yeah, I thought they were going places… They are from my neck of the woods. Lancaster/York is just a little over an hour away. We saw them play in a bar once. Before they got famous!

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