Wordless Wednesday – Manhattan 

Photo my own:

Taken from the Observation Deck at the new World Trade Center.

31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Manhattan 

      1. Ah! I have a theory about that…. those last 7 or 8 seconds of a miserable life might actually be the most exhilarating and beautiful experiences you’ve ever had. I thought about that when we were on the Cliffs Of Moher. Not being morbid or anything. :/

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      2. I just recall the ones who jumped, or fell, on 9/11, not to be morbid. There was a traveling exhibit we attended that was of photos from that day. There was one in particular that has always stuck with me. Like, you can’t un-see it? Anyway, it was of man that jumped, and it was caught with the fuzzy and speeding past tower behind him. And the guy was headfirst, hands to his side, like a torpedo. I remember thinking it was his last act of defiance, and a stiff “F$&K YOU! I’m going out on my terms, NOT yours!”. I can’t imagine the circumstances, but I can appreciate that stance. Who truly knows what he was thinking, but it was an emotional thing to observe.

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      3. Oh yes. I’ll never forget seeing some of those images either. If he thought: I will choose how I die and it won’t be ‘this’ way… I totally get that. Oh that day brings back so many memories…

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