Le Boulangerie de Marguerite

“How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?” Julia Child

Let’s forget about calories, carbohydrates and gluten* for just a moment shall we? Bread is the stuff of life. There is nothing like the aroma of warm loaves fresh from the oven. Cut a slice of that crisp crust and smear it with butter, let it drip down your fingers as it melts and savor … Accompanying hot soup on a cold day, with aged cheese and good olives for an hors d’oeuvre, good bread is one of life’s small pleasures.

Like my character Maya, in Breaking Bread, I love to bake. And even more than sweets, I love to bake bread. I fantasize about living in Paris in an apartment over un boulangerie, waking every morning to the smells of bread and strong coffee…. and in an effort to bring that fantasy as close as I can to reality (at least until I figure out a good plan to fake my own death, collect on the insurance and make my escape…) I have been baking my own bread for the last … well, a long time.

Some of my favorites: A simple baguette – water, salt, flour and yeast. A brioche – sweet and rich with eggs and sugar. Challah – braided and risen in a pretty pattern. And a simple maple buttermilk bread, perfect for toast in the morning. Oh, and home made deep dish pizza…


J’adore le bon pain. Avec un cafe, sil vous plait!

*unless of course you are intolerant to gluten or have celiac disease

57 thoughts on “Le Boulangerie de Marguerite

      1. Yes, the Cuisinart is a good machine. And no you don’t always have to use bread flour. Bread flour has a slightly higher gluten content -makes bread chewer- you can buy gluten at the grocery store and add it to regular flour for the same result. 1 tablespoon gluten per 1 cup all purpose flour.

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      1. It’s just for two weeks. I do it every once in a while. First ten days is easy…then I’m a half dead whiny bitch for four days. 😁

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      2. Lol. Now it’s worse because I have a lot of sugar in my house and I usually don’t. But as long as I don’t get hungry, I’m ok. Me + hungry= watch out! I am meeean!!

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  1. My favorite part of baking bread is when you tap the bottom of the loaf and hear that wonderful hollow sound. Of course, eating it (all of it) is truly bliss! Your skills far surpass mine, obviously – beautiful loaves! Now, I must ask . . . do you churn your own butter too? Such talent!

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      1. You can churn your butter with a mason jar. You just have to shake it for a long time. I’ve done it. Hand made butter tastes AMAZING.

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  2. Oui!! Those look terrific. We bake, a bit, but it’s usually in the form of pies, cobblers, etc. I’ve never really tried my hand at breads though. I recall having a bread maker in our kitchen as a kid, but only saw it used a handful of times. Had a grandma who made her own breads. Her house always smelled terrific. 😃

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    1. Thanks! Oh fresh bread? Magnifique! Try it this winter, y’all will be hooked! And really it’s not that difficult. If you have a decent stand mixer and a dough hook (which most companies offer as accessories) you can do this!

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  3. Girl, I’m on my way! I used to make our bread years and years ago. You are inspiring me to try it again. I’ve only ever made country white so I’d love some recipes for others to try.

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  4. I have been seriously thinking of buying an oven (Indian food does not need an oven, and the oven is not a part of the average Indian kitchen). Your post made my mind up for me. I am getting it. I will send my credit card bill to you though 😉

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