La Madamoiselle 

The most difficult thing to draw is the human form. Faces are particularly hard to get right. This is a sketch based on a Man Ray photo: Untitled Nude 1937.

Sketch my own:

57 thoughts on “La Madamoiselle 

      1. Would I be likely getting my face slapped (from a continent away) if I suggested there’s also, apart from the crewcut, more than a passing resemblance to you Meg?

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      2. I can see it in the bone structure, and I perhaps controversially suggest that subliminally, the artist (you) has inserted themselves into the portrait.

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      3. Well, same ethnic background – Celtic girls both of us. (I might possibly be a little more laid back than Sinead, though! *smiling* ) Anyway, if I did draw myself into the portrait, it was unintentional! Thank you, Glen, for your lovely comments!

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