I originally posted this in May, for Mental Health Awareness Month. Today is Mental Health Awareness Day

“Fools write books about madness being an elevated mental state or an alternative form of creativity. It’s not. It’s anguish.”

— Jonathan Kellerman, mystery writer and clinical psychologist. 


You’re better off without me
How can you not see
I’m a weight dragging you down
You know everyone loves you
I’m just holding you back
Stifling your potential
You could do so much more
Have so much more
Without me
Making you settle
For less than you deserve
Promising mediocrity
Delivering failure
Managing existence

I’m sorry
You really need to go

Be everything I am not.

51 thoughts on “Worthlessness 

  1. I was wondering if you borrowed my brain to write this. 😛 Seriously, though, this is just, right on. Thoughts like these are in my head way too often. (Dare I even admit, most of the time.) It’s easy to jump into those feelings to write… and it usually yields some of what I think is my best work. But it’s a lot harder to then jump out of those feelings. They’re like quicksand…

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    1. Oh it’s true! The Kellerman quote got me thinking… remembering and boy do I have photographic memory when it comes to the negative stuff. I pulled that from the deep dark recesses of my own brain… And you are spot on about them being like quicksand!

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      1. Oh yes, I wholeheartedly agree. It is a beast to deal with, nothing glamorous about it! It makes me sad that mental illness is still so misunderstood.

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    1. The poem shows us what life can be like for some of us.
      We don’t have to talk to ourselves in this way. There is another side to the coin.
      That is something I address in At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being available on Amazon.
      It is also part of my blog at evelynmmaxwell.com. Let’s not dig our ditches of despair deeper.
      Best wishes!

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