Pegasus – 6 words

Equus on the eastern horizon tonight.

A cool, clear night on the East Coast with a sky full of stars to call you outside. Light millions, billions of years old. On a small, blue jewel with seven billion other souls.

18 thoughts on “Pegasus – 6 words

      1. Some theorists believe that since we are made of the same elements which were created by and make up stars which have been around for billions of years, we are all made of literally made of star stuff. Others believe that part of our unconscious mind is made up of ancestral memory and experience, which is common to all living creatures….sort of written in the stars, so to speak, a collective, spiritual humanity as old as time itself. So each person is a part of that as much as it’s a part of each person.

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      2. Yes! I’m glad you got that despite my repetitive typos! Feel free to fix them! Lol. One of my favorite family movies is Brother Bear. It’s a great way to describe this concept! Especially to little minds.

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