The Obsession 

A short sory I wrote last year. It’s based on a song lyric… “I’ve never met a man I was so crazy about. It kinda has become an obsession to me.” – Liz Phair “Johnny Feelgood” 1998

I slumped down in the seat of my car when he drove by. The twilight shadows most likely kept me hidden, but why take a chance? I had ensured that I had a five-minute start, by calling his desk phone just as he was getting his coat on. The elevator doors closed on my retreating form, at the same moment he said hello in my ear.

“Jake, hey, it’s Emma. Listen, I think I forgot to shut down my computer. Could you check it for me? Thanks!”

Of course he had agreed. He was in love with me. He just didn’t know it yet.

I ran, literally ran, to my car and sped out of the parking garage. I swerved down the ramp and out onto the street, while scrolling through my phone to find his contact information. Being the Human Resources Manager had its advantages. When I’d located it, I entered the address into the GPS on my phone and followed the voice commands to his trendy neighborhood.

Now, I watched as he unfolded his six-foot something frame from the front seat of his car. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. His hair was just a little long, curling over his collar. He sported a neatly trimmed beard and had the warmest chocolate-brown eyes. I sighed in appreciation when he bent over to retrieve his brief case from the back seat.

He moved toward the front door, fiddling with his keys. I held my breath when the front porch light came on. Someone else was there. Before he could turn the knob, the front door opened and my heart plummeted. Two small children rushed out to greet him. A beautiful woman leaned against the doorjamb, waiting, while he scooped the kids up his arms. When he’d set them back down, he pulled the woman close and kissed her passionately. Then, with her still in his arms, he turned toward my car and waved.

19 thoughts on “The Obsession 

  1. First I thought “finally, Meg’s writing a stalker…my work here is almost complete…” then, when I read the last line, I laughed. Well written, my friend: Concise, implied backstories, punchline. It is good. People should pay you to write this stuff.

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