The other day my friend Emily, talented poet, musician, artist and all around lovely person, asked her readers to suggest ideas for poetry themes. I suggested “shipwreck” and the following is the powerful and emotional poem she wrote based on that prompt. Please enjoy and visit Emily’s blog for more of her inspired and amazing writing!

Poet Girl Em

We packed our bags late one night
leaving far away to destination out of sight
carrying our hopes and dreams
packed to the brim with love it seemed

That morning we launched our ship from shore
hand in hand we sought out to seek more
ride the waves of destiny’s storm
knew our souls were far different than norm

The weather rocked our searching bow
with moments of death defying shows
the thunder booming above, heavy,
the lightning strikes straight to eyes

Blinded by truth, by love and lies exposed
we shut our eyes in hopes it would go
but nothing could clear the searing images
of what we saw deep in each other’s visages

Burned there by light beyond retina’s capacity
to hold all that we saw and wished to forget
we fumbled to steer our battered ship
grasping with hands that would only slip

At some point…

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