One Trick Pony…

No matter how much that I wish it
No matter how pretty I dish it
I’m a one trick pony
Who hopes that you only
Get a laugh from my silly horse shit!

Inspired by What Sandra Thinks: The poet. It’s a hilarious look at poets and poetry. All in good fun, we aspire to do better, don’t we?

35 thoughts on “One Trick Pony…

  1. I hope we do. I have people ask and are surprised at my start and other information. We all inspire others and help at least a bit here. We are a strong community:)

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  2. A one trick pony is all you need to be – and as long as you are good at that one trick, you’ll succeed…and Meg, you happen to have many tricks up your sleeve. Writing Funny limericks is just one of them πŸ˜€

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