Road tripping, The Collaborators, The Poet, and trying to kill my husband…

Remember how I was on vacation last week? It was a fabulous break from the routine. My husband, however, is convinced that I was trying to kill him. Now where would he ever get that idea?

Meeting Kevin:

Yes, the Fictional One, the threatener of my life, serial collaborator, and Waco, his girlfriend met us on Sunday at The Smoky Mountain Brewery for lunch and a couple of beers. It’s true, Waco is real! I even have photographic evidence which you will have to take my word for, as I’m sworn to keep their identities a secret. I know, I know… Take it up with, Kevin!

Not only did we survive the encounter, meeting them was a blast. It was like hanging out with friends we’ve known all our lives.  We spent about two hours together before they had to head back home. Next time, they get to come to Philadelphia!

Hiking the Smokies:

Besides meeting up with the man who regularly promised to bury us in an anonymous grave over the past two months, we spent a good amount of time in the National Park. This is the other reason my husband thinks I’m trying to kill him. Sigh. My man is not the athlete he used to be, bless his heart. Day one we hiked the Gabes Mountain Trail to Henwallow Falls, a round trip of just over four miles. It is categorized as moderate in difficulty. Granted, it does wind uphill nearly the whole time. With rocks and tree roots to pick your way around. I was in my glory until I saw how far behind Harry was falling…  IMG_3520

Tuesday, it rained so Harry had the day to recover.

But then, Wednesday we hiked two more waterfall trails!

Meeting Elizabeth:

In the meantime, I posted a poem inspired by these beautiful mountains surrounding us. That’s when we discovered that Elizabeth, my amazing poet friend lives in nearby Asheville. We had plans to visit The Biltmore Estate one day anyway…

so we made plans to meet for a drink. Pretty cool, right? Here we are at The Wicked Weed Brewery. We had a lovely time with Elizabeth and enjoyed getting to know her better. (By the way, I would also be in my glory in Asheville — for a small city they have like 25 brew pubs! Ahem, I’ll be back!) And bear in mind that I’d been roaming around in the wind and mist for the entire day, so pardon my less than stellar appearance!

What a treat it was to meet my blogging friends in the real world! Don’t pass up the opportunity if it ever presents itself.

The nine-hour drive was well worth it. I even got the unexpected pleasure of visiting Woodrow Wilson’s Presidential Library and Museum in Virginia on the way home. For the writer with a World War One fascination, this was awesome, trust me!  And Harry survived.  For now…


79 thoughts on “Road tripping, The Collaborators, The Poet, and trying to kill my husband…

  1. Oh, my, gosh, great trip. Poor Harry! My hubby would be in the pub waiting for me to get back from the hike, even in his younger days! How cool that you got together with other bloggers — we need to arrange some sort of reunion thing somewhere for everyone!

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      1. Actually, whitewater but kayaking. I’ve kayaked since I was about 12, but in all my years on rivers and whitewater I’ve never rafted. Never wanted to leave my fate to seven people who’ve never been in whitewater. I’ll take my chances on me, not them. 😃

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      2. I kill me by doing something stupid? That’s be a shame. Some clown I’ve never met kills me because of their ineptitude? I’d be pissed! Not that it’d matter, of course. I’d be dead. But you know what I mean. 😃

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  2. But…you were only doing it out of love! Certainly, he can’t hold that against you. 😉 Sounds like so much fun! And meeting Elizabeth was SUPER cool. 🙂

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    1. I know I really need to kick his ass into shape! 😂 It was super cool meeting Elizabeth! And Kevin…. Do you know Kevin? We collaborated on a serial novella over the last couple months. It was huge fun!

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      1. Have not met Kevin yet. What’s his page?
        Well, being a personal trainer and a yoga instructor, I give you props for all that physical activity! 🙂 Keep it up!

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      2. You can click through to his page from this post, I linked to it at “Fictional One” but his blog is called “Fictional Kevin” and thanks! I walk/jog 4-5 days a week! Could probably do better with strength training…

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  3. How could Harry not like the adventures you take him on? Asheville is a great little town. We stopped by last fall, when driving from a short house sit assignment in Florida back to New England. Wish we had more time… and tried more pubs! 🙂

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  4. Thanks Meg! I’ll echo the sentiments above…poor Harry! Though of course you two could totally get used to it, I could tell he was thrilled with all the beautiful scenery. Brew pubs, AND too many breweries (I’ve lost count). I’d say it was getting out of hand, but it’s great having so many options. Such problems…
    Thrilled you had a great trip – and whatEVER! You look beautiful. Happy looks very good on you, and you were positively beaming that night we met up!!! 🙂

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    1. Oh I know! The poor man, he just needs to practice. He really did love the trip… Every time we’re away we talk about how we can leave where we are… And thank you, lovely Elizabeth! I was very happy to meet you!


  5. Ah, this is so cool! Love that you met your friends! You know, I think we live in the same neck of the woods…. Just sayin’ 😉

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      1. I could get on board with killing some nachos. 😀 Won’t you be scared to see my bitter, sad, angry poetry come to life before your eyes? Good thing you get the sappy romantic, too. (And lustful where those tall, dark and handsome men are concerned…)

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      2. There is a VERY famous donut shop… maybe after the nachos? Hell, they open at 3am… we can go REALLY early. Which is really late for me since 3am is around bedtime for me… 😛


  6. Reading this was so lovely. I felt magically transported to all those places, without having to endure the physical torture of hiking. 😛 😀 I agree with you that meeting blogger friends in real life is cool. I’ve met a few earlier this year and loved it. The pics are beautiful and you look just great. I particularly love the waterfall pics and the one with your friend Elizabeth.

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  7. Haha. Your title reminded me of an incident 😀 One of my friends(guy) saw the film Gone Girl and he almost vowed not to get married 😛 Cannot blame him anyways. The movie took things up way above the notch 😀
    Love your waterfall trails. How was the cabin stay ? I suppose after the one day rainfall, the greenery would have looked all the more alluring 🙂

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    1. That was an unplanned stop on the way home! With my interest in WWI, having a peak at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library was to good to pass up. It’s just a few miles off Route 81 on the way to West Virginia! Believe me if we were going to be near DC I’d have let you know!

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  8. The waterfalls look beautiful! That must’ve been a great hiking trail. Tiring, but worth it 🙂 And very cool that you got to meet new friends!

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