N is for Notebooks #atozchallenge

Hopes and dreams, doubts and fears
Poems and prose throughout the years
My notebooks hold
The tales untold
The joys, the pain, the laughter, tears

There is something elegant about composing in handwriting.  The swirls and whirls of ink, the scratched out mistakes, smears on the paper…    These are the truest expressions of my heart.  In this electronic world, some might think it foolish or sentimental to keep a notebook.  Maybe it is.  But my notebooks are a little anchor to the past.  They are my ideas, raw and unfiltered.  Phrases, fragments of sentences, bits of conversation, rants and ravings I will never put anywhere for anyone else to see.  It’s mean, it’s dirty it’s unforgiving and unforgivable.  It’s hopeful, uplifting, inspired and inspirational.  It’s art and it’s garbage.  It’s marvelous and embarrassing.  It’s beautiful and it’s ugly. And totally, completely mine.


36 thoughts on “N is for Notebooks #atozchallenge

  1. I have a few boxes of notebooks… Many filled, some waiting to be filled. I love writing in them. I wrote a post a long time ago about my notebooks (I think it was called jackpot)… They are every single thing you said. And I’ve never been able to get most to understand my love of little stationary shops and Staples. ♥ 📒

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      1. Yes! Oh…And my daughter has inherited this, too. She is currently writing a story about her life living inside one of her favorite tv shows! Okay, she did ask me what to write so it was my suggestion, but she ran with it… I can’t wait ’til she lets me read it!

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  2. Yes!!! I could never part with my journals. I don’t use them anymore but the have my life in them from 13 years old. They are my best friends.

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  3. I’ve not been much of a journal keeper since mine got discovered (and exploited) as a young teen…I’m just getting back to it more recently. I was shocked to see how ‘rusty’ my handwriting had gotten. There is something magical though, the way thoughts stream to paper. I am glad you are keeping your art garbage. 😉

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    1. I remember you posted a poem in your handwriting a few months back. You have lovely handwriting! I’d be hesitant to journal if I thought it could be used against me, too. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) my husband isn’t all that interested in my writing so the chances of him looking at then are negligible.

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      1. Well, I literally wrote about *trying* to show my husband my sex poems, and he flat-out said he didn’t want to see them. For some crazy reason, he still encourages my writing though…


      2. I think that’s sort of it! He liked the one I wrote last week about our first kiss. That one was safe. I think we (you, I, and other poets) want to dive into places our significant others aren’t always ready to go to. Yet, they are (sort of) ok if we go there. At least, this is my current working theory. Time will tell me more. Hope you enjoy this evening!

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  4. Lovely reflection, Meg. I think there is a significant difference between handwriting and typing. My first conceptual outline of a book is always handwritten. There’s something about the freedom and flow, writing in the margins and drawing arrows. Those notebooks are treasures 🙂

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      1. I hadn’t thought of going back to the notebook when stuck. Great idea. I tend to get “unstuck” on long car rides and then I’m scribbling on receipts at the side of the road! I should keep a notebook in the car. Hmmm.


  5. I love this! I sometimes don’t like what my handwriting looks like, but I love seeing the creative process take place from my heart to paper. I scribble a lot! Everywhere. 🙂

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