M is for Meg #atozchallenge

I hope this limerick expresses
Something of the girl with short tresses
Let me pour you a beer
And make myself clear
Meg Sorick writes better than she dresses!

But that doesn’t tell you much does it?
Except what might hang in my closet
I’m a nomad at heart
I love music and art
And practice in my own home office

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me
And follow along on my journey
For wherever it ends
I’ll need you, my friends
To keep me in your dear company

So pull a chair close now, why don’t ya?
And talk for a while with me, won’t, ya?
We’ve stories to share
So throw back your beer
And raise your glass and say, slainté!

(It’s pronounced slawn cha, so it rhymes! And it means ‘good health’)


33 thoughts on “M is for Meg #atozchallenge

  1. I love it! We need to meet for a beer. Except I hate beer so I’ll just watch you drink. 😀 And then we can go look for men who play soccer and don’t shave. 🙂 [And you know what’s funny? Last night I started writing S is for Sandra… Ha!]

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    1. Oh you have to! I was going to write M is for Mothra (from Godzilla) and Alex talked me into doing Meg instead. There’s got to be plenty of Irish pubs in your neck of the woods… And that’s perfect, you can drive! LOL!

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  2. Meg! Love this one! 😀 you are really great! I will have to substitute my beer for whiskey, though! 😜 It would be so cool to share a couple drinks and conversation! You like Florida Georgia Line, too?! – those boys! 😍😍

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      1. They are quite yummy! Lol 😊 Yay, whiskey! Coffee time! Have a great Friday, Meg! Hope your weekend is filled with lots of fun plans! No snow in the forecast! 😀

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