K is for King Kong #atozchallenge

Kong just wished to live in peace
Roam his home Skull Island at least
But captured with a shaky plan
He fell for the lovely Ann
And it was beauty which killed the beast

You saw this coming, right?  After Godzilla and all?  Kong isn’t nearly as much fun as the great radioactive lizard, because well.. he DIES at the end of the story whereas Godzilla lives to fight again.

But wait there’s more!  You heard there’s a new movie coming out, right?  Starring the amazing Tom Hiddleston!


image via aceshowbiz


Header image courtesy gizmodo.


36 thoughts on “K is for King Kong #atozchallenge

      1. They have very little… the last one was around 10 years ago with Jack Black in it. It’s like Batman… there’s been a steady stream for about 25 years lol

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