B is for Blonde #atozchallenge

A blonde I asked to be made
They have more fun, it’s been said
But if the collar and cuffs
Remain dark little puffs
They’ll betray my natural shade!

That’s Pink (who is blonde) in case you’ve been living under a rock for like ever.  She is an awesome performer and a total badass.  Aka Alecia Moore, Pink is originally from Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  That’s my neck of the woods.  I know somebody that graduated from high school with her. That makes us practically best friends!  Check out her amazing athleticism in this video:  Try.

43 thoughts on “B is for Blonde #atozchallenge

      1. Wow, that’s pretty awesome! My dad stayed dark until his late 50s and then he got that beautiful silver grey color. I hope that’s what I end up with eventually. Or I’ll just be a crazy old “blonde” lady till I croak!

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  1. This is great, Meg! You make an awesome blonde! 🙂 Blondes have more fun is what they all say, and I bet you have tons of fun!! I will never be blonde, but I do know how to have fun! 😀 It’s not about the hair color, though! Not too sure what I will do one day when I get gray…cross that bridge when I come to it! Lol

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