Writers Workshop – GMC(R)

I am hoping to have DS McKnight do a guest post for me soon! In the meantime, enjoy this helpful post from her blog!

On Saturday, I was able to attend a writers workshop put on by Chris Wilk.  The focus of the workshop was GMC(R) – or Goals, Motivation, Conflict and Resolution.

Taken from the workshop handout:

At the heart of every story are the goals and motivations of its characters, what they want and why.  Conflict ensues when obstacles, setbacks and antagonists thwart their efforts.  GMC is the bedrock for plot.  In the end, characters achieve or fail, and are often changed, which adds the “R” — resolution to the GMC(R).  

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My current WIP has given me a bit of trouble and this is where the workshop helped.  As I thought about my main character – about what makes her tick – I realized that I didn’t really know her.   I’ve spent plenty of time putting her in awkward situations but I didn’t make the effort to get inside her…

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