Getting down to business and getting back to writing!

So this blogging thing is a lot of fun, wouldn’t you agree?   You get to meet new and interesting people, have a few laughs, hopefully get some insightful comments and genuine support from your blogging community.  Fun aside, however, there are reasons for blogging that are practical and possibly career building.  As a writer, my aim is to connect with potential readers, to let people see a sample of how I write by posting short stories and other mini projects.

I also hope to connect with other writers, to learn about the publishing process, share their experiences and maybe some tips from writers who have gone through both processes of self publishing and/or traditional publishing.  I’ve set some goals for myself for this month, not just for the blog but also for my work in progress.  My second novel is in the very final stages of editing and I hope to publish by the end of September.  I am determined to make that happen!  Watch for a synopsis (coming soon) and a link to the Amazon site!  (This is not the final cover by the way.)

In the meantime here are some goals I’ve set for the blog:

1. Have a guest post or interview on my blog within the next 30 days (let’s say Oct 15). If it goes well, perhaps I’ll make it a monthly feature.
2. Follow at least 10 new blogs in the next 2 weeks and hopefully gain a corresponding amount of new followers along the way.
3. Increase average daily hits by 25% by the end of the year.

Now, the first 2 of these are a bit easier than the third. In fact I’ve already started following some of you lovely people! For the second goal, I am working out the details to interview a new writer who has just published a debut novel. But the third one is not so straightforward. I have to figure out how to accomplish this. Better post titles? Yes. Tags and categories more trending? Also yes. What else? I’m open to suggestions! Thanks guys! Hope you all have a great day!

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