Moonshine in Mayberry

I spent a week in the mountains of southern Virginia two weeks ago with an incredible view and a lousy internet connection.  (Not complaining, just explaining.)  The summer has been ridiculously busy and a do-nothing vacation was just the ticket.  Coffee on the deck to watch the sunrise, a daily walk along the mountain roads with the valley falling away to one side, a nightly soak in the hot tub in the moonlight with a beer and nothing but stars overhead, thanks to no light pollution.  You get the idea.

Seriously, though, part of the joy of traveling is taking in local culture and cuisine.  And well, in that part of the country, the local cuisine is barbecue and the local heritage is moonshining. (Yes, slightly terrifying!)  First up Mayberry Spirits in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.  The house we rented was only about 20 minutes from Mt. Airy.  It turns out the distillery is in its “soft opening” stage and only open Friday and Saturday afternoons.  It’s a small operation, making just enough booze to supply the local liquor stores with product, for the time being.  We were able to sample their main products: Mayberry Moonshine, toasted oak whiskey and toasted vanilla whiskey.  All of the products are sorghum based.  Weird, right?  Maybe, but it makes a unique and deliciously smooth whiskey.  (Even the straight moonshine went down easy, almost like a high quality white rum.)  Needless to say, I brought home a supply!  So if y’all end up in that neck of the woods, stop on in to Mayberry Spirits and say hi to the real McCoy.  (As in Hatfields and McCoys!) and have a sip of Carolina moonshine!IMG_2810PS: Careful though!  It’s 100 proof!

13 thoughts on “Moonshine in Mayberry

  1. Fancy Gap! Love that place! We spent last Thanksgiving there. No internet and very spotty cell service. But the views were wonderful and waking up to an early morning snow ⛄ made the holiday. It was like stepping back in time!

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  2. Sounds like a terrific vacation. We stopped in Mayberry a couple of years ago on our way home to Ohio. seemed like a really nice town. We didn’t come across any of that “moonshine” you’re talking about…smooth or otherwise. Where i grew up (in rural southeastern Pennsylvania), RFD stood for Rural Free Delivery 😉 I like your blog, Meg. It is casual, fun, challenging, and with a touch of sophistication. It’s “purty” too! You’ve encouraged me to find out out the reblogging thing works, so you and I can reap the benefits. Well done! Oh, and I’m a new follower. Looking forward to reading your stories.

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