Creepy: photo challenge 

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This is a pile of bones from the catacombs in Paris.  When the cemeteries of Paris became overcrowded in the late 1700s, 6 million individuals were disinterred and moved to the limestone tunnels which at the time, were outside the city limits. The bones are stacked neatly and are grouped together based on the cemetery they originally inhabited.

22 thoughts on “Creepy: photo challenge 

  1. I find that very interesting and very creepy for the person or persons who’s job it was to transport and stack all those bones. Thank you for the pic and info

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  2. I’ve wanted to visit the Paris catacombs for years, they look mindboggling. There’s a similar (but I suspect smaller) set of catacombs in Lima where they have sorted the bones into vats of femurs and skulls etc. Some of the skulls are in circular pits. Really freaky stuff.
    Who thinks of these things? And, moreover, who thinks, ‘Ho hum, sorting bones, that’s the job for me!’

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