Obsession: A poem for Color By Words Challenge

When I tried to say goodbye
You begged me please to tell you why
Calling after me, I love you and and I’m sorry

My friends say maybe try again
But I’ll always remember when
You held on and wouldn’t let me go

Your handsome face is so sincere
But all you do is bring me tears
I lie awake at night for fear and worry

You sent me roses every day
Little gifts to make me stay
With a note that said I love you, please forgive me

I had to pull myself away
You stood outside my door to say
That you would never, ever let me go

You’d love me till the end of time
But you’d already crossed a line
I knew that you would never set me free

It seems I’m your obsession
You keep holding on
I’m not your possession
I just need to run

2 thoughts on “Obsession: A poem for Color By Words Challenge

  1. This is wonderful. A very dear friend of mine recently went through a similar situation. Breakups can be so toxic, especially when the relationship was unhealthy for the most part, at least, until it was too late. Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed this read.


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